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VANCOUVER, B.C. August 4, 2021 – Sweet Earth Holdings Corp. (CSE: SE) (FSE: 1KZ1) (OTCQB: SEHCF) (“Sweet Earth” the “Company”) is pleased to provide an update on its ongoing product research that is being conducted with NAVCO Pharmaceuticals Limited (“Navco”), an accredited laboratory located in Burlington, Ontario.  Research laboratory results continue to be a driving component for the Company’s product development because superior understanding of skin and muscle bioavailability significantly augments product efficacy.  Research conducted by the Company confirms previous research[1] that the beneficial effect of CBD is significantly impacted by skin permeation processes associated with nano-particle delivery systems.


The current study involves in vitro skin permeation research to measure the performance of Sweet Earth Cream in the semisolid formulation.  The aim is to evaluate the permeability of the cannabinoid compound into the skin, determine the optimal time for the cream absorption, identify the key therapeutic claims and discover the optimal amount of the cream to be used.


While most other CBD studies appear to be incapable of measuring “real world” applications due to their time limitations.  The Sweet Earth / NAVCO study created an hour-by-hour study to measure the effectiveness over a six-hour period.  Hourly samples are sent for laboratory testing and assessed for efficacy.  This study focuses on the penetration capabilities of Sweet Earth creams on two types of membranes: Cellulose acetate membrane with 0.45 mm pore size, and Strat-M® Membrane and is repeated three times.  The results provide researchers a vast and insightful amount of clinical data on the efficacy of our creams and muscle rubs, both of which are created for optimal bioavailability.  Results to date confirm expectations:


Preliminary data shows that Sweet Earth’s cream to be permeability through both membranes is within the optimal absorption time for most of the topical therapeutic creams in the market. NAVCO’s study shows that the cream can penetrate the membranes, permeate to deeper layers, and pass through to reach a concentration that appears to be more than adequate to induce a therapeutic effect.


The Company has always focused on data to be the driving factor behind products with scientific claims. Sweet Earth’s formulation is already proving to be an ideal formula for CBD skin permeation.  In addition, its formulation stabilizes the CBD compound over a period of time, thus making its creams superior to those of peers’’ in the following categories:


·         CBD effectiveness ·         Skin permeation ·         Skin lipid stabilization


Many CBD creams on the market do not consider naturally present oils on the skin that contain a combination of saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fatty acids of varying carbon chain lengths.  These natural occurring florae alter the bioavailability of several of our peers’ cream function, thus reducing effectiveness.


Another exciting indication of the ongoing research is that preliminary data on the Company’s CBD Muscle Recovery Rub shows it to be very effective in the areas of muscle cramp relief, including athletic performance, collagen rebuilding rates, skin peptide, and flora interaction.   The Company will publish its studies in a peer-reviewed publication upon approval.


Peter Espig, CEO of Sweet Earth, commented, “We have always based product development on science, not by simply combining ingredients.  It is our goal to educate consumers in understanding that product quality is highly correlated with product efficacy and that Sweet Earth’s products lead the way for discerning consumers.  We believe that this will not only help the Company but the overall sector, as well.”


About Sweet Earth

Corporate Website:  https://sweetearthcbdcorp.com.

Sweet Earth is a vertically integrated “farm to shelf” hemp grower with a farm in Applegate, Oregon, that maintains a full line of hemp and CBD products for the US and global market.  Its products combine CBD with herbal and organic ingredients, all of which are selected for their beneficial properties to soothe, rejuvenate, and reduce inflammation.

In addition to high-end finished products, Sweet Earth prides itself on sustainability by minimizing the use of plastics in both production and packaging.   Sweet Earth’s in-house genetics team has been working on its own proprietary hemp strain.

Sweet Earth maintains a portfolio of skin and body care products that includes facial products, men’s, spa, hemp, and muscle products that are sold on its website, https://sweetearthskincare.com.

Sweet Earth operates a proprietary online shopping portal for discerning pet owners offering pet treats comprised of high-quality ingredients, which are further enriched with CBD and Vitamin E.  The treats are sold on its website:  https://www.sweetearthpets.com.

Sweet Earth has created a line of CBD that cigarettes are made from 100% naturally grown US hemp flower that is rich in non-intoxicating cannabinoids like CBD and cannabigerol (“CBG”).  The cigarettes are completely free of tobacco, nicotine, or additives. The cigarettes are also rich in terpenes, like pinene, limonene and myrcene and are sold on its online portal, https://www.sweetearthsmooth.com



“Peter Espig”


Peter Espig

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[1] Research Report:  European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Institute for Drug Research, School of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Model-Based Analysis of Cannabidiol Dose-Exposure Relationship and Bioavailability published 14 February 2020.